Highlights & Lowlights


Whether you weave it, slice it or chunk it, adding color to the hair creates radiance and motion and eliminates the look of drab, dull hair.


Accent 10-15 Foils    

Accent foils around the hairline will enhance your face by creating a frame. Placing a few foils around the hairline will brighten up dark hair or add depth to light hair. Tired of those pesky grays around your hairline, blend them in by adding a few strategically placed foils. Or make a dramatic statement by adding some vibrant chunks of color. Whether you add subtle or bold tones to the hair this technique works great with any length hair.


Partial 25-35 Foils

A Partial foil will cover ½ of the head; sides, top and crown. Works great as maintenance between colors or blending in extra tones to your present color. Works well on medium to long layers and one length hair.


Full Foil 50+ Foils  

A Full foil will cover the entire head. Also a great way to add volume and texture to fine, limp hair. Perfect for all lengths of hair but a must for shorter layers and those wanting the hair to blend top to bottom.